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Hi, I'm Andra. My approach to problem solving is social science meets technology meets creative culture. I use it from advising early stage start-ups on how to communicate and innovate to growing my own entrepreneurial endeavours.
About me

My areas of specialization are product strategy, UX, brand-building, go-to-market strategy, customer acquisition and retention, creative copywriting, content and community growth, and organizational change.
I mostly work remote.

I've been honored with awards from prestigious competitions such as Golden Drum- Beat the Drum for Change, Central European Start-up Awards - Best Chatbot solution nomination, or Facebook Community Challenge - Best in Gaming, third price Regional- Europe.
Some of the topics that interest me are product design related, future of work, start-up mechanics, and gender equality.
Some of my works
My work covers quite a wide range of topics and industries, but with more of a focus on gender equality, education and how we work. I have built from SaaS platforms to AI chatbots and machine learning powered extensions.
How might we build products and services that are inclusive?
Design for Equality is a design thinking workshop where participants are prototyping products and services aimed at a more equal workplace.

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How might we create a better way to present information?
Inspired is a browser extension powered by machine learning which finds relevant videos, images and gifs for your content, so you can focus on creating a great document, without having to leave your current page.

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How might we change the interview process into a fun experience?
Replika is an AI business card in the form of a messenger chatbot, that introduces your work and professional interests just like you would do it.

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How might we turn healthcare recruitment into a scalable, digital experience?
Through MEDIrecruit, almost the entire process is done online: the clinic receives directly into its account a shortlist of candidates that meets its unique requirements, consisting of 3 to 5 applicants selected by an algorithm from the database.
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If you're a founder and need direction or feedback on your product, if you're an established company executive and looking for a growth strategy, if you're an agency and looking for creative work, find me by filling in the details below :)
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